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Seeking Compensation in Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death cases can be filed by the survivors of those who die through the careless or negligent actions of others. Wrongful death lawyers in Calabasas are available to help the survivors obtain financial compensation from the guilty parties in these types of cases.

Understanding Wrongful Death Cases

Such cases may stem from vehicle crashes caused by intoxicated drivers, improper workplace procedures, defective products or malpractice by doctors or other medical personnel. The amount of compensation that can be sought varies between states. Some states, including California, place caps on damages in cases of medical malpractice. In order to determine its viability, a suspected case is best reviewed by a wrongful death lawyer near you.

Seeking Damages After a Wrongful Death

A personal injury lawyer in Calabasas can also help determine the types of damages that are available after a wrongful death. Survivors of the deceased may be able to collect damages in these three areas:

1) Economic damages: includes the cost of the funeral and of any medical care that the victim may have received, the value of anticipated income or other contributions that the person may have made to others and the loss of an inheritance directly related to the untimely death.

2) Noneconomic damages: includes the personal suffering of the survivors caused by the death, the loss of care or guidance that may have been provided by the deceased and the more general loss of companionship and consortium.

3) Punitive damages: can be awarded in cases of particularly grievous conduct on the part of the guilty party. These types of damages may not be available in certain cases, including those involving government entities, but compensation of this type may actually be increased in other cases.

Calculating the Damages to be Awarded

Personal claims can be difficult to assess, which is why it will take intervention by a wrongful death lawyer near you to establish the amount that should be awarded. Our personal injury lawyer in Calabasas will often employ expert testimony and official statistics to determine this issue.

The Statute of Limitations

Personal claims must be filed within two years of the incident that resulted in the wrongful death. In some cases, this statute of limitations may be less or, in cases where the injury is discovered at a later date, may be extended beyond this period of time.

Seeking Legal Assistance

The survivors in wrongful death cases are entitled to justice, but they will need proper legal representation to ensure that they are treated fairly under the laws of California. Our wrongful death lawyers in Calabasas can provide them with the assistance that you deserve.

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