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We often assume as consumers that the product we buy is safe. But are we to blame when we trust those with the responsibility to provide for us the goods and services and furthermore, we are even paying for the goods and services. Manufacturing companies sometimes make mistakes. They may design a product with finer details and with the intention of making it safe but end up making a mistake on the assembly line or even fail to warn consumers of the potential hazards of their product. This is what we call manufacturer negligence and can end up causing severe injuries or even worse, death. It is here that product liability laws come into play. Product liability laws protect the consumers and where else to turn for such protection than with our product liability attorneys in Calabasas. Call our product liability attorneys to seek help and or compensation for damages that might have been caused by the negligence from the manufacturer side.

With a 96% success rate in our cases, product liability attorneys in Calabasas are your friend when it comes to protection from product that harms you. The manufacturers are tasked with ensuring the safety of the product is guaranteed. They should also provide adequate warnings for any potential harm in their products, side effects and adequate instructions on the use of their product. On the other end, suppliers and distributors have the responsibility of protecting the products against damage and interference while the product is in their hands. Product liability attorneys using the courts will hold the suppliers responsible in case of any damage to the product while it was in their possession. Product liability law gives the consumers a right to take the manufacturers and suppliers to court in case of injuries, harm and side effects not warned when one uses the product. That is why product liability attorneys in Calabasas come in to help consumers with advice and handling of such cases.

For a claim to be justifiable, it must meet some of the thresholds, for example, the product must be unreasonably dangerous, the consumer suffered an injury caused by the product defect. The consumer is therefore required to have a documentation of their injury to prove these claims. The documentation would be in the form of pictures of the injury, and medical records for example. You therefore now as a consumer have to prove that design flaws in the product caused the injuries, or you used it and it did not include safety warnings.


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If a product causes damage or an injury, take photographs and seek immediate medical attention, these processes help in the documentation for validation of the claim. Visit a doctor as these will help with your case because they will be able to properly document and come from a professional. It will be justifiable when seeking compensation for damages or injuries by the product. After a visit to the doctor for documentation and address of your immediate medical concerns, contact a product liability attorney.

Product liability attorneys in Calabasas have the experience in handling product liability, and product recalls cases. The product liability attorneys will help you greatly because they understand company responsibilities and local laws regarding this issue. The pledge is to the victim to follow the due procedure and bear the burden of proof by seeking medical attention and taking photographs to validate the claim and be sure that our product liability attorneys in Calabasas will help you a great deal.