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Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can have long-lasting effects. It can also be fatal. Fortunately, there are many steps that can be done to prevent traumatic brain injuries.

Wear a Seatbelt
Many traumatic brain injuries are caused by car accidents. You can reduce your risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury in an accident by wearing a seatbelt. Children will need to use a car seat or booster seat until they reach the appropriate height and weight.

Do Not Drink and Drive
Drugs and alcohol can impair a person's driving ability. They can also increase the risk of an accident. It is estimated that 30 percent of accidents are caused by alcohol use.

Do not Text and Drive
Cell phones are one of the top distractions. Studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of driving with a blood alcohol content of .08. People who text and drive are four times more likely to be injured in an accident.

Wear a Helmet
Many children and adults suffer a head injury while they are riding a bike. That is why it is important to always wear a helmet. You will also need to wear a helmet while snowboarding, playing a contact sport or skateboarding.

Preventing Falls
Many head injuries are the result of a fall. In many cases, falls occur at home. You can prevent falls by installing handrails on the sides of the stairways and in the bathroom. You can also improve the lighting in your home. Additionally, you should remove tripping hazards from your home such as clutter and throw rugs.

Contact a Head Injury Lawyer in Calabasas
Many traumatic brain injuries are caused by negligence. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, a personal injury lawyer in Calabasas is ready to help you!

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