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Preventing Construction Accidents and Safety

Constructions sites are commonly filled with dangerous equipment, heavy machinery, and crews of workers. Sometimes workers are working high up in the air where they may fall, or in other potentially dangerous positions. While accidents on construction job sites are quite a common occurrence, many of them are preventable. Let us take a look at some tips and advice to prevent accidents from occurring on construction sites.

Daily Safety Meetings
One way to help prevent accidents on constructions sites is for the foreman to conduct daily safety meetings before the work day begins. Such an act may help remind everyone of the dangers of the job, as well as reinforce ways that everyone stays safe. Daily meetings also help ensure that every crew member is kept up-to-date on any new or changed safety measures.

Proper Safety Gear/Protective Clothing
It is not uncommon for accidents to occur on construction sites due to falling debris, tools, or equipment. Additionally, accidents occur do to crew members’ inability to see other crew members. Some safety equipment that may help prevent accidents like these include:

- eye goggles
- hard hats
- steel-toed/slip-resistant boots

Reflective or fluorescent clothing may also help prevent accidents on a construction job site.

Providing Regular Breaks
Mistakes often occur because of fatigue and exhaustion. By issuing regular breaks, workers are able to rest and replenish, which helps to maintain high alertness and regain strong focus.

Less Night Work
Accidents occur more often after dark because of fatigue and lack of visibility. By decreasing regular amounts of night work, accident prevention occurs.

Many accidents on construction job sites are preventable. If you have been involved in such an accident, it is important to consult a personal injury lawyer in Calabasas. Our construction accident lawyers in Calabasas can help make sure you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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