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Life After Spinal Cord Injuries

Estimates suggest that approximately 11,000 to 12,500 people will receive a spinal cord injury each year. Some of these injuries are relatively minor, and the victim is able to make a full recovery with time and effort. Others are not so fortunate. Their lives are irrevocably changed as are the lives of those around them. When the spinal cord injury victim is the primary breadwinner in the household, life after the injury becomes radically different. The changes may be just as dramatic for someone with a different role in the household as they find themselves unable to fulfill their position as caretaker to others.

In these situations, it's advisable to consult with our spinal cord injury lawyers in Calabasas. Knowledgeable legal professionals are familiar with the ramifications that such an injury can have. They recognize that your physical capabilities may have radically changed and that these changes may be permanent. A spine injury may lead to being unable to breathe independently, difficulty controlling the body's waste functions, sexual impairment and chronic pain.

Our personal injury lawyer in Calabasas also understands that mental health issues frequently ensue in the aftermath of a spinal injury. Adjusting to being unable to walk or requiring assistance with everyday tasks can be enormously challenging for anyone. It is not unusual for individuals to despair or feel hopeless when they realize how much their life has changed. The good news is that spinal cord injury victims are not alone. Friends, family, therapists and support groups all are there to provide help. A personal injury lawyer is yet another ally who can help to lighten the mental and emotional burdens that a severe injury may bring.

If you believe that a person or organization was at least partially at fault for an accident that caused you a spinal cord injury, then it is advisable to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Calabasas. Your life may never be the same because of your injury, but working with an attorney who can help you obtain compensation from an at-fault party may enable ongoing medical treatment and increased comfort for you and your family. Insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible in these situations, leaving you at the mercy of a corporate attorney who is not sympathetic to the ways in which your life has changed since your injury. Hire our lawyers who will fight for you.

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