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Construction Accident Injuries and Dangers

When working in a construction area, one should always wear their hard hat and follow all safety regulations. However, even if you are doing your part to stay safe on the job, accidents occur, which tend to cause serious injuries or even death. Some serious injuries are hard to recover from and can produce years of medical bills, making it necessary to consult construction accident lawyers in Calabasas:

You might find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer in Calabasas if you are hurt in one of the following types of construction accidents in the state of California:

Dangerous Falls
Construction workers climb ladders, walk on catwalks and roofs, work under cranes, and climb scaffolding to reach great heights. Any faulty condition of equipment can cause you to fall from a considerable height. Even with a hard hat, you can not avoid broken bones, a head injury, internal organ damage, or worse.

Trench Collapse
Perhaps you could be working in a dirtworks job, when suddenly the trench gives collapses. If you are trapped under the dirt, you could be denied the access to oxygen, get buried alive or sustain multiple serious injuries.

Electrical Injuries
People who work on the jobsite could get injured from electric shock, which could be from a downed line or a hanging wiring.

Slip and Fall Injuries
People can slip or trip over debris/equipment on the job site and break bones or have a debilitating head or spinal cord injury.

Preventable Injuries
If you don’t wear protective gear (i.e. a gas mask or a hard hat) or lift heavy objects without assistance, you could sustain many types of injuries. You could also be injured by another worker incorrectly operating a machine.

Repetitive Injuries
Many forms of manual labor, even office work related to construction projects, may involve repeating the same motion over and over. When people type on a keyboard or operate tools, such as a hammer, they may sustain hard or soft tissue damage over time to their extremities. These types of injuries can only be diagnosed and attributed to the worker’s job by a medical doctor.

If you have been injured on the job and it wasn’t your fault, you need aggressive representation from a California licensed attorney. For assistance with understanding the statute of limitations and how it applies to your case, do not hesitate in contacting a personal injury lawyer in Calabasas. All construction accident lawyers in Calabasas do not have the same experience in helping clients seek compensation under the law for work-related injuries.


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