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If you have a friend or a loved one suffering from spinal cord injury, the attorneys from Calabasas wish you a quick recovery. In occasions where the injury is as a result of negligence or where your insurance company is not willing to compensate your suffering and losses, our spinal cord injury lawyers in Calabasas can be of great assistance. The attorneys help ensure that the liable bodies uphold their obligations to compensate you and care for your long-term health.

In most cases, the spinal cord injuries are permanent and life-changing. These accidents lead to dramatic effects on the victim’s life and their loved ones. Spinal injuries are often caused by motor vehicle collisions, injuries at birth, industrial mishaps, surgical errors and recreation accidents. Also, the injuries could be caused by prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals. These accidents are very severe and may lead to permanent paralysis.

Our Spinal cord attorneys in Calabasas have a broad knowledge and experience in solving cases related to spinal cord injuries and will work at every cost to ensure that you have received your due full compensation for the suffering and other expenses involved.

As a victim of the spinal cord and brain injuries, you need an expert lawyer who understands the physical, medical, financial, and emotional impacts from the accident.  Our lawyers have a longtime experience representing several clients who sustained severe injuries and understands the long-term effects of spinal cord and brain injuries. The injuries must be addressed on time to ensure that the victim receives all the necessary treatments and financial health compensation.

The spinal cord lawyers have extensive knowledge and competency in several medical fields including orthopedic medicine, neuroscience, and various vocal rehabilitation alternative modalities.  They understand the need for life healthcare planning and how to calculate the settlement costs.  The attorneys have sincere interest and passion to help our clients in their recovery and take pride in our work.


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According to the National Center for Injury Prevention reports over one million Americans have severe brain and spinal cord injuries every year with children accounting for about 30 percent of the people suffering. The care and expenses used to support these victims of spinal cord injury for their entire life come as a struggle.  And since these injuries come as a result of someone's laxity in his or her work we must offer to help. Our lawyers do thorough investigations and work with you all through to ensure that the liable firm has undertaken the necessary mitigation over the cost of your medical care and the losses due to loss of income.

Some of the most common causes of brain and spinal cord injury include airplane accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, tour bus accidents and bicycle accidents among others. For whatever cause of the accident, we must ensure that our clients have received their due compensation by providing liability proof and calculating the compensation value. We are known to undertake our duties at the highest ethical values standards, and you can always trust us for every injury case calling for compensation.