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There are various federal and state standards linked to property ownership and must be met by all the property management and owners. The rules vary with place and time. All these laws are meant to maintain the highest level of safety for both buildings and the land occupied.

On occasions where accidents occur at the premises that failed to meet the minimum standard requirements, the property managers and owners are liable for the damages sustained. Our premises liability attorneys in Calabasas understand the premises accident injury consequences and can group them from moderate to life-long implications. For this reason, our lawyers have dedicated themselves to help you hold the property managers and owners liable for their negligence.

If you happen to be involved in the accident due to other people’s laxity recourse is available. Our Premises liability lawyer in Calabasas helps you pursue the liable parties for their fault. We ensure that the responsible parties compensate you for the medical expenses, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages, diminished future earnings, disability and any other future medical cost incurred.

Our team of lawyers is ever available for any appointments to speak about the claim and do a case evaluation of the injuries incurred. The attorneys answer all your questions and explain to you every step you need to undertake to receive a just and fair compensation.

We have the best and most experienced premises liability lawyer to help you recover all the compensations you deserve at ease.  Our services are client focused. We offer free and detailed consultations to every client before undertaking any contract with them.

Some of the most popular causes of premises liability accident we have handled include lack of security, violations of building codes, obstruction of walkways and staircase accidents.  These accidents cause severe injuries to the victim including spinal cord injuries, burns, neck injuries, slip and fall cases, ligament injuries as well as the shock and electrocution injuries among others.  For every kind of injury, our attorneys work with you day and night to ensure that the accident resolution is done to your favor.

Premises Liablity Calabasas


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Our team of Premises liability attorneys does a thorough investigation of your case and where necessary employ industrial experts to help them determine the cause and the party at fault of the accident. Upon determination of the liability, the attorneys pursue the compensation for you and where the resolution is impossible at the primary stage, the lawyers represent you in court where they provide evidence to protect you against bullying and negligence by your insurance company.

The law demands you to file a report for settlement including Slip and fall settlement and insecurities against any injuries that come as a result of the property owner’s laxity and ignorance. We have consistently maintained high records of protecting and helping people gain their deserved compensation for every injury incurred to them. Most of the insurance companies will attempt to blame your side for financial reasons, but we have always pushed them to the deepest sense of humanity.