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There are constructions happening every day as part of our daily lives. These constructions result to several injuries to both the workers and the people around the building. You may be walking near a construction site, under the construction building or in the midst of repairs and an accident happens to you out of the blue. Some injuries due to construction may be severe and call for immediate medical attention. The ambulances, hospitals, and doctors involved in your treatment are too expensive considering that the treatment and rehabilitation may take long. Also, there may be permanent effects.
Victims of a construction site accident may suffer injuries such as broken bones, brain damage, paralysis, amputation or spinal injury.

The victims of a construction site injury are entitled to compensation rights and for the medical expenses, damages, pain, and suffering experienced in the process as well as the potential future earning losses due to the accident. The victim is thus required to organize for a lawsuit or a claim to the construction site owners, contractors or any other entity liable for the damage. The claim may result in judgment, award or a settlement from the party at fault.

Our construction accident lawyers in Calabasas understand the losses that may come up due to such accidents and your needs as well. We walk you throughout the process that may result from the accident. Our attorneys have a broad experience in dealing with construction accidents with the insurance adjusters as well as the insurance companies. They represent you in every step to seek your deserved compensation thus giving you room for healing and recovery from the accident.

Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include injuries from bulldozers, defective power Tools, improperly used cranes, weak hoists, large tractor injuries, forklift injuries and cuts from the graters as well.

We have the best construction accident lawyers in Calabasas who can professionally take you through the compensation process and represent you in court when necessary. In the recent past, we have represented several clients with severe injuries due to construction building negligence, and we understand all the charges involved.


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Our attorneys are experienced and aggressive to help you assess the full compensations maximum values to cover up the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the loss of earning. In addition, they help you organize for medical treatments which may not be easy for people without medical insurances or doctors to work on the lien basis.We strive to meet the satisfaction of our clients by providing our best quality of service and answering all the questions raised by our clients. If you know anybody, who have experienced injuries from accidents involving a construction site feel free to contact us, and we shall help you acquire your deserved compensation.

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