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Brain and head injury are one of the most severe injuries a victim can suffer from an accident. If your friend or close relative is suffering from brain injury, the attorneys of Calabasas wish them a quick recovery. If the injury is as a result of laxity by other people or the responsible insurance company is not willing to compensate the suffering and losses incurred in the accident, our injury lawyers ensure that the compensation is done. Our brain injury lawyer works to ensure that the liable parties have paid to their obligations of restoring your long-term health and financial situations.

Brain Injury Losses

The Centre for Disease Control in the United States records at least one person suffering from a brain injury after every 21 seconds. Most of the injuries recorded are very severe and may lead to coma or death of the victim. Some patients have fully recovered from the brain injury while others get permanent injuries. Brain injuries thus call for immediate medical attention and compensation where necessary. Victims of brain injury should get qualified and highly experienced head injury lawyers to help them through the evaluation and compensation process of the accident injury. Our head injury lawyer in Calabasas has a broad experience pursuing brain injury cases.  The attorney has a great interest to serve the satisfaction needs of the victims suffering from the head or brain damage. They have represented several clients with legal injury claims in various proceedings and negotiations with negligent parties and insurance companies.

By involving our brain injury lawyer in Calabasas in the management of these legal settlements while the client is focusing on the rehabilitation and recovery programs. Vehicle accidents are one of the major causes of brain injuries. According to previous research, the vehicle accidents account for over 50 percent of the brain injuries. Other causes of brain injury include motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, airplane accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets to protect them from head and brain injuries. When properly used, the helmets play a great role to avoid the risk of permanent injury to the skull, brain, and head. However, the in circumstances where the accident is so aggressive, the riders in a helmet can also suffer from the brain injuries.

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Fair and Full compensations for Brain Injury

Victims of the motorcycle accident suffering from brain injury may never recover to work again. They require extensive medical treatment and full-time care which may attract a lot of expenses to the victim’s family and friends. Due to the severe nature of the accident, the victims are eligible for huge amounts of compensation for the medical expenses, loss of consortium, loss of earning, pain and suffering and life employment as well.

The motorists are thus required to contact qualified and experienced lawyers to help them handle the brain injury case. Our brain injury attorneys are focused on ensuring that their clients have a fair and full compensation. Our offices are always open for consultation and other legal assistance inquiries.