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An aviation accident is one of the most complicated accidents to determine the cause. Aviation accidents result from several problems and defining their exact reason needs very experienced personnel with the specialized skills about aircrafts. If you have ever been involved in an aviation accident or somebody close to you has been injured, call us, we are here to help you. Aviation accident lawyers in Calabasas will guide you through the needed steps to filing a lawsuit against the responsible people. Chances are that you are eligible to receive a substantial financial compensation.

One of the most popular factors that lead to aviation accidents is the violation of the rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Also, there are pilots who decide to take flight during the risky weather patterns which can result in a devastating accident. Other causes of aviation accidents include pilot errors, loss of control, and flight service employee errors.

Violation of the FAA rules

The FAA was established to oversee the aviation industry regulations. The FAA officials set laws and regulations to ensure that the industry maintains high standards of safety. In occasions where these rules are neglected, the airplane may lead to fatal accidents which may cause severe injuries as well as death.

Some of the most constituting factors to FAA rules negligence by the aviation personnel includes: inappropriate record keeping and skipping or failure to perform the necessary maintenance services to the aircraft. Other factors include aircraft operations with expired licenses and boarding prohibited materials during flight. Despite the effort instilled by the FAA to safeguard the passengers during flight, various individuals and companies may produce defective parts which can end up risking people's lives through accidents. In such cases where companies fail to do the elementary accident prevention measures, your rights are violated as a passenger, and you are entitled to compensation.

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Aircraft equipment failure:

The aircraft equipment can fail due to several reasons among them poor maintenance. In circumstances where the aircraft equipment is not well maintained, equipment failures are likely to happen and consequently lead to fatal injuries and death. Other causes of equipment failure may include incompetence or poor training of the operating personnel and manufacturer errors.

People to hold accountable in aviation accidents:

There are several people who are directly connected to aircraft and preparations of the flights which may contribute to the aviation accidents although pilots are held liable in most cases. Our airplane accident lawyers in Calabasas don't make assumptions when it comes to aviation accidents. We do thorough investigations on the possible causes of the accidents and hold the people at fault liable for the accident on your behalf. When the compensation is not met, we proceed to the court and pursue the case on your behalf until the court has assigned the liability to all the people at fault and you are adequately compensated. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries, consultations among other legal services concerning law.