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Brain Injuries


There are several things that you need to know after a car accident that might show signs of a brain injury. Some of these things might include a headache, nausea, exhaustion, difficulty thinking, slow response times, difficulty concentrating, light sensitivity, seizures, lower alertness, confusion, numbness, and a period of unconsciousness. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, then you are definitely going to need a head injury lawyer in Calabasas. You may be entitled to a large compensation.


The first type of brain injury that you could have due to an accident is a concussion. These injuries are common in car accidents and can affect a person's life if not treated. This happens when the brain receives some of type of trauma due to an impact of the accident. This could also be because of a change of movement in the head during the accident, or the sudden momentum of the accident. Our head injury lawyer in Calabasas will work with your doctors to figure out how much you are owed due to your car accident.


The second type of brain injury that our personal injury lawyer in Calabasas is going to be able to help you with is if you have a contusion. Basically, this is a bruise on top of a person's head that happens because of a car accident. Since the brain is involved, it is considered a critical injury that should be treated right away.


The third type of brain injury is the coup-contrecoup. This happens when the person has two contusions of both sides of the brain. It is located at the site of impact and on the opposite side of the brain. If this happens to you, you may encounter many medical bills. You’re going to need a personal injury lawyer in Calabasas to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Diffuse Axonal

The fourth type of brain injury that can happen because of a car accident is a diffuse axonal. This is when the head has a strong rotation during the car accident. Therefore, the structures inside of the brain tear. When a person has a mild form of the diffuse axonal injury, it is sometimes known as a concussion.


The last type of brain injury from a car accident is a penetration. This is an injury that sounds exactly what the name of the injury entitles. This means that the person has an object that has penetrated through the head and into the brain. This is going to be a very serious injury that some people might not recover from. Contact our head injury lawyer in Calabasas so we can further analyze your case.

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