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Boating Accident Prevention

Taking a boat ride is a great way to enjoy the beautiful California weather, but it's important to do your part to prevent accidents. The tips provided by our boating accident lawyers in Calabasas will help you prepare for a safe day on the water with your friends and loved ones.

Designate A Sober Driver:
A nice glass of wine or a few beers can be the perfect companion to a day on the boat, but safety relies on being a responsible and alert driver. A couple of drinks isn't worth risking an injury or the death of dear friends and family. It's worth noting that boating while under the influence of alcohol can also lead to arrest, even if you don't get into an accident.

Check Out The Forecast:
Weather may change unexpectedly at times and some adverse conditions make a boat ride significantly more dangerous. Prior to leaving the safety of land, take a look at the conditions in the water and anticipated weather changes. Leave plenty of time to get back to the shore if bad weather is expected later in the day, and consider rescheduling if you don't feel completely confident. Also look it up on your trusted weather app.

Locate and Inspect All Safety Equipment:
More than 80 percent of individuals that drown in a boating accident were reportedly without the assistance of a life jacket. No matter how skilled you and your passengers may be in the water, everyone needs a life jacket on the boat. Additional safety equipment that should be onboard includes a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, emergency food and water, and boat lights.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings:
According to our boating accident lawyers in Calabasas, distracted drivers play a significant role in the accidents in water. As long as you are aware of other vessels in the water and navigating your own boat, there is very low risk of having an accident.

Enroll In A Safety Course:
Owning a boat doesn't make you an expert in operation, even though it's not illegal to drive without receiving safety instructions. It's recommended by our personal injury lawyers in Calabasas to be proactive in taking an accredited safety course before planning a trip offshore.

Treat Your Boat Like A Car:
The rules of the road aren't much different than those on the water, and driver responsibility can prevent a lot of accidents. Pay attention to all posted speed limits, warning signs, and conditions around you at all times. If all drivers are responsible for maintaining their own boat by obeying safety regulations, there will be fewer incidents on the water.

If you happen to be involved in a boating accident caused by another driver, it's important to consult our personal injury lawyers in Calabasas to find out your rights.


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