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The significant large part of earth is covered by water and has continuously attracted many people to involve themselves int cruising, boating, and commercial boats as their way of passing the time. This has attracted many cases of death and thousands of injuries due to the vessel accidents. Our boating accident lawyers can be of great help on the incidence where your loved one dies or is injured.

The US Coast Guard has registered about 12 million water vessel in 2010 and in the same year over 4604 accidents were reported which left over 678 people dead, 3153 people injured and property of about 35.5 million dollars damaged due to the recreational boating accidents.

Some of the most common accidents related to boating include careless boat operation, excessive speeding, inappropriate skier behavior, collisions with other water vessels, passengers falling overboard and negligence of the safety acts. Also, toxic carbon monoxide produced by the boat engines, which may cause serious injuries to the passengers have prolonged exposure to the gas.

If you are the victim involved in the accident, you are entitled to compensation while the boat operator is required to fill a report of the accident. The report is submitted to the state agency regulations board to process the accident resolution. In occasions where the boat operator is not in a position to fill the report, the boat owner should be responsible. Any injuries or death as a result of the accident should be filed within 48 hours after the accident. In occasions where the accident caused property damage only, the report should be ready within ten days after the accident.

The process of filing the report, accident resolution and compensations requires a person who understands very well the victims' rights and legal requirement. Thus it is always essential for you to have a boat accident lawyer by your side. The person at fault for the accident is liable to compensate you when they act negligently.


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Also, the person may act negligibly when they cannot take the responsibility of the situation. Reasonable boaters adhere to the rules of safety, regulations and take every precaution to protect their passengers. Our boating accident lawyers in Calabasas have all the knowledge required to investigate any accident related to boating and at the same time evaluate any claim validity that may arise. Every accident brings in extra unplanned expenses to your pocket including the hospital bills, visits to the hospital and risk of losing your previous source of income as well.

For this reason, it is necessary for you to ensure that somebody has taken responsibility for his fault. We have the best boat accidents attorneys who work day and night to ensure our client's compensation is fully met to their satisfaction.