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Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

You are entitled to compensation in case you are involved in a bicycle accident that was not your fault or by your causing. Accidents and compensation is not limited to vehicles for example cars, trucks or even buses. In case of an accident, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Call an ambulance and seek aid for the injuries. It is very important to do so because then you help to restore your health which should be your first priority. The next crucial thing to do is get the ID and contact information of the other party. After you have obtained the contact, call our bike accident lawyer in Calabasas.

The services our bicycle accident attorney offers are not just limited to representing you but evaluating your case for free. Our services are not limited to any locations too; call the best bike accident lawyer in Calabasas and we will take care of your situation. In such cases of bike accidents, the faster you act the better it is for you because the elements of the accident will still be fresh and it will be easier to claim compensation. In 2015 only, 818 people lost their lives in bicycle versus vehicle crashes. This death is a 6% increase from 2006. It therefore means that many people are dying and getting injuries from bicycle injuries. The need for a clear system for compensation and handling of such cases increases.

After a Bike Accident;

Alert and wait for police, get your versions of story flowing and never admit fault. The next series of steps is to obtain the details of the driver and information from the witnesses while documenting what transpired, preserve the evidence as this is your key to an adequate compensation and finally call our bike accident lawyer in Calabasas. Many times bike accident are hit-and-run and therefore alerting the police for you to obtain a police report is your best chance for tracking down the offender. Witnesses and what they have to tell you is also crucial in tracking down as they give information on the color and type of vehicle that was involved and any other relevant information. Following these steps is essential as it will help you get to the bottom of this matter and offer you adequate compensation.

In accidents and particularly bike accidents that you get involved in, never admit fault to anyone. Not your insurance, not to the witnesses, paramedics, police or anyone. Our bike accident lawyer in Calabasas is the best; our team of experts is more than ready and willing to fight for you in each and every step of seeking compensation. We will walk with you every step of the way, do not be afraid. We will even guide you on how to handle greedy insurance companies and negligent parties in case of such an accident.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

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When Riding the Bicycle;

It is important to know that other motorists do not give sufficient room for bicycle users, so be on the alert as a bike rider. The other motorists will become frustrated and may fail to yield the right-of-way to you, fail to check the road for your presence, intruding your lane, or may be a distracted driver. These are some of the things you should be cautious about. In case of anything call the best bike accident lawyer in Calabasas.